MWFRS Blog Interview- FMG Jizzle

“Lock myself in the booth, show they ass I’m the truth”

In a society where the real are scarce and snakes are plenty, FMG Jizzle is truly one of the most authentic artists I’ve ever received the privilege to talk to. In every song, music video, picture and post you see and feel the inspiration and motivation that brings his sound to life.


Where did you grow up?

South side of Chicago but I was back and forth between Iowa.

What made you leave Illinois?

It was getting crazy, I kept losing homies to the streets… Shit I lost three close homies in one day that fucked me up, my people made me get up outta there after that.

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How did FMG come about?

It really started as “GMS” Getting Money Squad. Me, my bro Ace, my homie Red, and Tone all started it at my homie Tone crib tryna get on some rap shit but we ain’t take it too serious but me and my homie Red kept running with it and his big bro Marley started making clothes and really stamped it than we ended up changing the name to “FMG” Filthy Money Gang because my homie Marley started doing the clothes and it just fit more.

People think we’re a gang, we really not, it’s more of a family…

Is there any music or new merchandise coming soon from you/FMG?

Yeah I got so much new music coming. I’m in the studio everyday recording. I’m sitting on at least 100 tracks right now. I try to drop a video every week on my YouTube and I plan on putting out at least 2-3 songs a week on my SoundCloud and other platforms. The whole gang working. FMG Red got a lot of new heat coming I just gotta get on bro ass, FMG Tweezy got a mixtape he working on coming soon, and big bro Marley always dropping some new with the clothes. He just dropped some new shit you can find all the merch at

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Any Shows or Performances coming up?

We was suppose to have one last month but it got cancelled… but hopefully in the next month or so. I’ve only been rapping for 2 months so I’m still tryna get my name out there.

What artists would you say are your biggest influences?

I don’t really look up to none of these n*****s… I know they ain’t real…. but I fuck with Meek Mill heavy though. I grew up on him plus my homie FMG Red. They be talking that shit… and all the artist from my city. I love seeing n*****s come from nothing.

How would you describe your music?

I’m just telling my story and everything I’ve been through in the streets, with my homies, these b******s, my family just ups and downs, and how I’m tryna come up and put all my people and n****s on. Just keeping it real, like, you ain’t even got to know me but I bet you can relate to my shit. I just want everybody to fuck with my shit no matter what age or race you is… but I make music based off whatever I’m going through at the time cause I don’t really write that shit, just comes to me… that’s how real it be…

What/Who are your biggest inspirations when you’re working on a new song?

I feel like I make my best shit when I’m by myself. I really feed off pain to be honest… I’ve been through a lotof shit and I ain’t the type to sit around and whine and s***. I know you don’t get s*** outta that. I take my lick and keep trucking. I’ll deal with it later or when I’m at the stu with the guys, they always turn me up, it’s all about vibes.

Any Big Plans/Announcements for 2019?

I wanna have a tape out before the end of 2019 but I’m a see how shit go but I really wanna have this shit figured out and off the ground. I plan on doing a couple big features soon, I’m a keep it lowkey though, they ain’t gonna see it coming but yeah I should be full throttle by 2019 fasho so ain’t no telling what can happen. I feel like I’m getting better by the day so it’s just a matter of time before I really get out there.

Last Question, if you could work with any producer, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

One of my favorite producers right now is probably RellyMade, I love bro sound. He got that shit. And prolly Metro Boomin and Mike Will they official with it.

I wonder what the future will hold for this talented artist. What did you think of his new “Fucc Em” video? Who would you like to see FMG Jizzle collab with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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