M4d at the World, delivers solo EP “Anger Manage Meant” available exclusively on SoundCloud

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November 4th was a busy day for M4d. Having just released “Muddy City” (Prod x FromUpThaStreet), Drank leaked a snippet of “Stressed in duh Press” Music Video in early November promoting a possible new single and music video on the way.

Melodic chant rap style over Flang-Guitars and hard hitting trap drums.

“I ain’t living right, God this isn’t Life.

I spent 20 nights, in the dark, tryna rid the light.

Tryna get inside, window side.

Darkness in my eyes.

I’m forgetting time, intertwined, target in the ride”

‘Stressed in duh Press’ – M4datworld (Anger Manage Meant) 2018

Several Weeks Later, we woke up Black Friday to more than just some amazing deals, but the release of the official Stressed in duh Press Music Video premiered on Drank’n Sprite‘s youtube!

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The following day M4d tweeted out a link to the album, confirming fan theories and giving us 6 new tracks to add to our play history 

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This year alone we have already heard 5 projects out of M4d.

Will there be more music from him before the end of 2018?

What’s next for this uppencoming artist?

What did you think of the album? What was your favorite song? Who would you like to see next on the MWFRS Blog? Let us know in the comments below!

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